The residential program
Your residency should be considered a transitional period in which there are many things to be accomplished, in a very short period of time. It is therefore important to utilize our services and program effectively and appropriately.

Upon your arrival, you will be met by a staff member who will explain the general rules and regulations of the CRF. The caseworker will complete, with your assistance, the admission questionnaire. You will be advised of all the rules and regulations as well as a review of all your release conditions. The caseworker will also show you the physical layout of the facility; introduce you to the staff members and other residents. A bedroom and linen will be assigned for the duration of your stay.

In the next few days, you will be assigned a clinical supervisor and in conjuncture with the referent agency, a personalized and individualized case plan will be developed in order to meet your personal goals/objectives. During this meeting, goals will be set in order to meet your employment, educational, personal or emotional needs or risks.

Recreational / Leisure Program
The CRF offers various types of recreational / leisure activities. These activities have the following goals:

your horizons by exploring various tourist attractions of our region;
Developing healthier habits through physical or sport activities;
Discovering new cultural diversities and technological progress;
Participating in special events depicting our the characteristics of our region;
Forming new friendships and a sense of belonging between residents;
Encouraging exchanges with members of the community;

Personal and social development program

The goal of this program is to guide the participant in his personal reflection in order to support his rehabilitation and help him live a more harmonious life with himself and with others. Each workshop is on s different subject and aims to provoke discussions and encourage introspection.

We believe that if the proper psychosocial tools (self esteem, communication, stress management, anger management and accountability towards the consequences of violence) are developed among our clients, this knowledge will eliminate their criminal reflexes.

The workshops encourage the residents to participate and interact with each other. Our program was adapted to allow new participants to join the group at any time. This mechanism allows for new residents to join the group without delay and to take advantage of the experiences acquired by the other participants. Therefore, the integration into community life at the CRF is facilitated.

Here are the workshops provided:

How to communicate
How to cultivate optimism
The functionning thought
How to manage my stress
Resolving a conflict
How to assert myself
Living with my emotions
MY social network
Managing my anger
Increasing self esteem
Healthy lifestyle

Being a good father
Healthy relationships


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