Our Mission
The Community Residential Centres of the Outaouais (CRCO) contributes to public safety while offering specialized and adapted programs to individuals who have or are at risk of demonstrating socially deviant or criminalized behaviours, who are whiling to make amends and to reintegrate society as a law abiding citizen.

Goals and objectives
The CRCO Corporation has for its main objective; the rehabilitation and the reintegration of its clients.

Establish an individualized community reintegration plan that will meet the needs and the conditions of the said conditional release.
Offer and deliver programs that are conducive to developing social aptitudes that will make possible a safe community reintegration; therefore help our residents to acquire behaviours, values and attitudes that will make them law abiding citizens while adhering to social norms, rules and the laws of our society.
Involve our community in the realization of our mission statement.

Program's Philosophy
In order to achieve our goals, objectives and mission, the CRCO program inspires’ itself on a humanist approach that is centered on the individual while offering him support, help and guidance in a structured and safe environment. While offering the appropriate tools to reintegrate society, our program is also based on the belief that the offender has the potential and the means to change.

Since our philosophy is based on a humanistic approach, we are most respectful of offenders, conscious of the help we can provide and hopefully to encourage him in making appropriate choices during and after his residency at the CRF.

We believe that by encouraging the individual to use all necessary means not to return to problematic situations, it will be possible, for him, to improve his quality of life and the one of his immediate environment. The ultimate goal is the protection of society.


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